Allen Ravenstine Robert Wheeler - I Dream of Wires

Allen Ravenstine, Robert Wheeler, Chris Stephens

Pharaohs Bee - 2015 -listen/purchase at Recommended Records

Rental Dogs ~ Robert Wheeler and Istvan Medgyesi

Other Links

Live show - 4 parts  listen/purchase

40 Years (Excerpt, Noah Heyman Mix) - track from Cloud Point Noise on Silent Records. Listen/purchase.  recorded 2019

Allen Ravenstine

Extended interviews with Allen and Robert here and here

BlueJet Music

Allen Ravenstine dot Com - 2020 - Electron Music/Shore leave  - read and listen/purchase.

EU purchase here

Edison Birthplace - Robert is family member and President of the Board of Trustees

Waiting for the Bomb - 2018 - listen/purchase at Recommended Records

Hy Maya project from 1972-1973 - Allen and Scott Krauss were involved in.  Pre- Ubu   Read/purchase

Terminal Drive - 1975 -with Albert Dennis - read/purchase

I Dream of Wires - trailerpurchase at WaveShaper Media